And here's the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association website


Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to support the cause!!! It was a BLAST and a HUGH success!!!

To make a donation in D.C. Hathaway's name to help find a cure click the link below and THANK YOU!!

This is a the story recently featured on the CBS Morning Show of one of D.C.'s dearest friends, Billy McLaughlin (pronounced McLocklin) who has Dystonia just like D.C. But Billy's Dystonia is FOCAL Dystonia in his LEFT hand. His story is amazing and inspirational and you'll even see a clip of D.C. sharing his thoughts of Billy whom he does shows with from time to time.

This is D.C.'s own story about living with SPASMODIC DYSPHONIA, a form of Dystonia that affects the voice. 

For more information about Dystonia click here

For more information about Spasmodic Dysphonia click here